Higher sales
via AdWords with
a steady budget?


Use AdAlarm!
– The first Google AdWords tool to monitor your competitors. Developed by Conversion Optimization experts!

Shhh! Now also available in Germany!

German launch at the ESTREL Hotel Berlin
on November 4th, 2014 at the

AdAlarm keeps an eye on your
competitors – all the time …

AdAlarm reports you each single amendment
in your competitor’s campaigns.

That means …

… React immediately to
new campaigns and modifications!!!

Our competitor is offering a 10% discount.
Shall we strike back by offering 15%?

… Take advantage of your competitors’ optimizations!

Since you’re the first to track your competitor’s
amendments to ad texts and landing pages,
you can find out immediately which amendments
are worthwhile and which are not!

This means:
Your competitor spends his
money on testing

… while you can see
directly which result
generates more revenue!

Your boss will love you!!!

Since you’re the first to:

To put it in a nutshell: Thanks to you, your company’s
performance will increase while your costs will decrease!

The best about it:
AdAlarm is so simple
that you won’t need
to read a manual at all …

… there are other things to do for you all day!
AdAlarm is an intuitive software and your solution
for AdWords that you have always dreamt of!

Have a look!
We’ve designed
the interface
crisp and clear.

With 10 years of AdWords experience we know
firsthand how quickly changes from your competitors
have an influence on your own campaigns.

With AdAlarm we’ve created the solution that
we always wanted for our own work.

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We want you
to call it a day earlier
than you were used to!

Our “Ready to go Guarantee”:

We do everything for you and are always available!
Via e-mail: feierabend@AdAlarm.de
Via phone: 0251 / 59 08 33 49 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 5 p.m)

If you use AdAlarm you can only win!
You have nothing to lose!
So, may we introduce ourselves to you?

AdAlarm is 100% whitelabel-capable.
Offer AdAlarm as a service to your
customers. Write the founder
Oliver Leismann:

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